Saturday, July 16, 2005


Tiny quick sketch. I might be doing a bunny illo. job so I guess I have bunnies on my mind. Enjoy.

After posting this cute little bunny I began to have a few worries. What will people think? Has Guy gone soft? Will he only draw cute widdle bunnies that live cute widdle lives, eating nummy widdle carrots? It is true that I can draw this sort of cute stuff but, one can only draw so much cute. As with this bunny, I normally only draw the nice part of the story. The part people want to see. The part that makes people say "awwwww, wook at the cute widdle bunny". But, to balance the cuteness of it all I need to picture in my mind the not-so-cute part of the story.
I'm sure most would look at this and think that the little bunny will soon have a little carrot nibble followed by a pleasant romp in the garden under a smiling sun. For the sake of the viewer I thought I would pull from my mind what I think really happened.


Grangry said...


CosasEnEstereo said...

ooohh great bunny :D

wcr1 said...

Still cute. Even your death and decay is cute. Damn good, tho.

paige said...

Awwwwwh! Poor ittle bunrab. Was it a rotten carrot? Or spontaneous combustion?

Unknown said...

I sort of think the pile of bones is cuter than the bunny. I like that partially eaten carrot.