Thursday, February 19, 2009

Random stuff

Here are a few doodlie-oodlies. Nothing exciting, but it is something to post. The color one was a very quick, unfinished coloring demo I did to show my class.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Eye Find

Here is something I can finally post. I worked on this book for Klutz a long time ago, but I had never seen it in print yet. Then a little while ago I saw this little kid looking at one of my paintings in a little book and I said "hey, let me see that". I might have freaked him out a little bit, but it was cool to see that somebody had it. Originally, they asked me to do a "hidden picture" for one of the interior pages. Then they asked if I would design the little tools that come with the book, which was cool. And then they asked if I'd do the cover too. Nice. Turned out to be a really fun project. The hidden picture was supposed to have 25 hidden things in it, but I got a little carried away. There are 45 now. See if you can find them. (the cover also had a bunch of hidden things.) Here is is on Amazon if you want one of your own.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Man, I've been slacking on the ole blog. I figured I'd post this just to have something new to show. An old friend gave my kids and I a scroll saw. He thought my kids could have a lot of fun making stuff with it. This is my first attempt at making something. I just started cutting, and these guys are what came out. It's not an illustration, but it's kind of artsy. Ether way it was fun to do.