Thursday, February 12, 2009

Eye Find

Here is something I can finally post. I worked on this book for Klutz a long time ago, but I had never seen it in print yet. Then a little while ago I saw this little kid looking at one of my paintings in a little book and I said "hey, let me see that". I might have freaked him out a little bit, but it was cool to see that somebody had it. Originally, they asked me to do a "hidden picture" for one of the interior pages. Then they asked if I would design the little tools that come with the book, which was cool. And then they asked if I'd do the cover too. Nice. Turned out to be a really fun project. The hidden picture was supposed to have 25 hidden things in it, but I got a little carried away. There are 45 now. See if you can find them. (the cover also had a bunch of hidden things.) Here is is on Amazon if you want one of your own.


Stacy Curtis said...

I just want to say your artwork is just AMAZING!
This is a great illustration!

I'm going to buy that book.

I did a book for Klutz too, but it hasn't come out yet.

Congrats, this is just great!

Will Strong said...

Cool beans, I love Klutz. Are there other artists in the book too?

Your hidden pictures look to be of a slightly higher quality than those found in the 6-month-old copy of Highlights at my dentist's office.

Why does somebody always have to circle the pictures?

kwistin said...

Man, Guy. I'd love to just be randomly walking along and then just see some little kid looking at something that I painted.

I guess some of us just get all the luck.

Must be blessings from being the institute teacher or something. ;)

Shannon Melville said...

Awesome illustration! so fun, bright and the characters are very well drawn. I like their faces in particular. I am suprised the publisher didn't give you a copy of the book you worked on! Oh well at least you got to finally see it!
Nice monsters too.

Unknown said...

THese are AWESOME!

Mark Harmon said...

Did they have a list of specific things that they wanted hidden or did you get to choose?

Will said...

I didn't realize this was for klutz - love the diner scene!

Ken Chandler said...

I believe this may be your most stunning piece yet Guy. I love the intricacies, your attention to every last detail. Remarkable!

jazzlamb said...

AWSOMEly awsome detail. LOVE it. There's so much to look at!!!
Ok, I hope you don't mind but I really really love your work and would like to add a link of it to my humble little blog. Great work! Keep it up:)

Anonymous said...