Monday, August 08, 2005


I have been working on a little cd cover job all morning so I took break and did this. Just did another quick coloring of a sketch. Mostly just playing around. Hope you all enjoy it. Now I have to go back to painting for real.


Lorien said...

I really like this guy, and Vinnie, too. Now I want to see a series of pirates. Pirates are cool and I don't think you've drawn many pirates. So do some pirates. And get back to work. :)

-your loving (and, yes, sometimes bossy) wife

carla said...

You really create great characters! You have such a way with faces - they have so much personality. I like both Butler and Vinnie. The curling smoke is very cool!

Cedricstudio said...

I really like it! Solidly drawn, great expression, and I really like the choice of colors and how you kept some of the background color for the vest and skin. Super job!

Anonymous said...

looks like a serious maitre d' trying to be indifferent... nice one indeed... :)

Anonymous said...


Nice drawings! :)

I found you from eyes wide apart and I've linked you and your website to my blog.

Thank you!