Monday, January 09, 2006

Waiting for a Call

Here is a little sketch I did while waiting for a phone call. Who knows where this little guy came from. I like him though. I think I may have to paint him some day.

I was asked to teach a illustration class at Brigham Young University. This morning was our first class. Hello new students. I think it will be a fun class. I'll be teaching painting techniques and processes, using gouache. Wish me luck. Better yet, wish the students luck.


Lisa said...

Can I take the class? I would love to learn painting techniques. . . It's time for you to illustrate some good sci-fi, don't you think?

The kids LOVE the sketch you gave us--the boys always say, "that guy's so funny--look what he painted!"

Unknown said...

This is sooo funny!! GREAT character!! Love its expression!

Peter Emmerich said...

Hey Guy,

I am a Professor at FIT in NYC and I teach gouache to some of my students as well. I find that some of my students take to it so well and others would rather eat it than paint with. I have always loved it and use it all the time either opaquely or in thin layers. I paint for my students which I feel is the best way for them to see how to use the medium. How do you approach your lessons? Just curious.


Kactiguy said...

Peter- I like gouache too although, I don't have a ton of experience with it. I mostly paint with acrylics. We are teaching gouache because it is such a nice flexible medium to teach techniques. Students can easily go to other mediums using techniques and skills they learned in gouache. My lessons will include demos and they will also do alot of in class projects as well as out of class assignments. It should be fun.