Monday, March 06, 2006

I painted this guy as a demo for the illustration students at Southern Utah University. I was invited to visit their school to meet the students, demo and to do a lecture. Thanks to Ben Sowards, a professor, friend and great illustrator, for inviting me. It was fun to meet the students and to hang out for a while. Hi students.

The first version of this painting was what I did during the demo. I spent another hour on it when I got home.


Grangry said...

Super, that nose and those eyes!

Unknown said...

WOW!! YOu are amazing, how do you paint something so quick and good within a demo section!!

TXArtcGal said...

Fantastic!! LOVE the depth you got with your second image. Awesome! (wanna teach me?!)

Dave James said...


This is awesome.

I want to see that DEMO. Is it on tape? Can we purchase one?


Lael Henderson said...

hey guy, It's always fun running into someone you know in these blogging circles. Nice stuff! It's always fun to look at your work! I'll "link" ya and stop back by often. -lael

Unknown said...

Lael shot me out a link to your blog today at work. Fantastic stuff!! Love your style and will be comin back all the time. Definately Inspirational!

Kactiguy said...

Thank you all.

Alina- I have no idea. I just paint quick and try to make it look like I know what I'm doing. There is a lot of pressure when you have a bunch of people watching. Thanks for all of your kind comments.

txartcgal- I would love to teach you if only I knew what I was talking about.

dave- If you send me lots of money I could send you a tape...wait...there's no tape. You can still send money if you want.

Lael- Glad to see you. Drop by any time.

Getto- I've seen your stuff on the drawingboard. I had no idea you were a Provo guy. Thanks for the comments.

Cedricstudio said...

Terrific painting! I'd buy a demo tape if you ever made one. :-)