Sunday, December 17, 2006

From the Sketchbook 5

Another couple pages from the old sketchbook. Just doodling with a pen, then I added a little ink wash later. A guy that was sitting next to me, who is the head honcho for our city's water department, said that he thought I could draw okay, but that it probably wasn't as much fun as drawing a sludge pump. Boy, did I show him. I can draw sludge pumps and I had fun doing it. He thought he would be even more impressive if I built it and it actually worked. I guess you just can't please everybody.


Jeannetto said...

What an ass! :) Cool pump.

Lorien said...

does that mean that now you have to learn how to build pumps in addition to stirling and steam engines? I don't know if I can take the creativity around here. Maybe if it's just built out of paper. you and sammie can have a project night.

like the washes.

Drazen said...

very nice
love the contraption

Ryan Wood said...

That's definitely the best sludge pump sketch ever! I can almost hear the sputtering. Great sketches, man!

Anonymous said...

I'd say there's NO pleasing mr. head-honcho guy. Best sludge pump drawing I've ever seen.

Martin Wittig said...

Really nice work!:)

pflower10 said...

What exactly IS a sludg pump?? And does it really look like that? Awesome pics.

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