Monday, January 08, 2007

Sub-Level 2 progress report

I have been remodeling our basement (sub-level 2) to be my new studio. Sub-level 1 (my current studio) is just too small. I ripped out all of the flashy 70's paneling and hip red carpet out of SL2 over a year ago -- maybe even longer and framed it all in. Then I ran into two problems: time and money. I never seemed to pocess both of them at the same time. Progress of SL2 kinda died. During the past holidays the remodeling gods smiled upon us. Time and money collided and work started again. I was able to get all of the electrical work finished and the drywall hung. Now I'm waiting to get the walls textured. I'm hoping to get everything painted, or at least primed by the end of this week. Then I'll do the floors. It may take longer than I want because the deadlines are back and the "time" part of the equation is gone again (so is the "money"). My wife might end up doing all of the work herself. I think it is because she wants me out of SL1 so she can make it her new sewing room. I'll keep you posted.

The first photo is SL2 during framing.

Second is from last week.

Third is what it might look like if I ever get it done.

And the other angle


pflower10 said...

The rooms looking great!! Can't wait to see it when it's done!! Did the texture guys ever show up?

Doug said...

hey, this looks great! I'm sure you will like the space... when ever your wife gets it finished! So what is that in your window... a bridge over troubled waters?

luckyzmom said...

Cool. I love before and afters and look forward to the end results.

Thanx for posting the pictures.

Lorien said...

If anyone knows any special sacrificial offers or dances to do to please the remodeling gods, your help right now would be greatly appreciated. Or if anyone would like to harass Foreman Jimmy till he gets the wall texturers here, that would be good too. Thanks much! buh bye.

Ken Chandler said...


I've painted walls professionally-- once upon a time-- and can lend a hand if you need it. Don't hesitate to ask if you think it would speed things up.
Call me.

test said...

Good luck dude! I am in the process of doing the exact same thing! Drywall is hung and it's on to tape and mudding today! I've got the power and wisdom of my father and father and law helping out though. If it were up to me it'd probably be spackled with Playdoh on top of papier-mâché walls… hey I am an artist!


Kactiguy said...

pflower- The texture guys finally made it. I have texture.

doug- My current studio (SL1) currently has a train that goes around the ceiling. It's kinda neat, but SL2 will need to be much better. I thought a big tressel bridge spanning the window would be cool. If I ever get it done it might just be.

Lorien- JIMMY! (shakes fists in air!)

Ken- Thanks for the offer, but pflower's husband is a sweet painter and he is helping out a lot.

Steve- You could make even playdoh look great. Good luck with yours.

Suzie Petunia said...

What a great project! I love the wall color - It looks like the color I have in my room. I love the arch over the window.

Blogerts said...

Hey Guy,
Missing you at ToonClub. I have a G-Gauge train going around my office ceiling. I have it hooked up to my computer, and it runs about 15 routes on it's own, switching tracks, stopping in sidings, etc. It also goes thru at tunnel and into a loop in our mudroom. If you need any help with setting yours up just tell me. I did some stuff that the software manufacturer said I couldn't. Cool idea with the bridge.

I'm just over in Lindon. I'm Shane's bro-in-law.