Thursday, June 28, 2007

Illustration Friday: Camouflage

This was supposed to be a funny illo of a soldier in flower camo hiding in some garden, but this came out of my pen instead. Oh well. I also planned on painting it, but all of my acrylics were dry so, I used some ink that was sitting around. Things don't always work out the way you plan. Sometimes you gotta go with the flow and see what happens.


Jennifer said...

This is awesome. Love the flowers on the hat.

Larry Lee said...

Love it. All your stuff is great.

Catalina Alvarez said...

I really like your style:
The grey's scale is beautifull!
I love his face!

aintshakespeare said...

This is great. I'm kinda glad your paints were dry. This dude is hilarious and very cool. I love the idea of him hiding in a garden. Maybe some day we'll get to see him in that setting.

Cedricstudio said...

I like it! The flower idea is hilarious.

How about a daisy sticking out the end of the rifle?

Unknown said...

hahaahh love the persnality that comes with each and every pic you post!

we need to solidify some time as to when we can hook up for some good times

I will shoot you out an email soon

Laura Williams said...

It's great how you still managed to convey the camouflaged material with just grayscale.

Excellent work as always.

Tim Bye said...

Top stuff!