Sunday, November 11, 2007

Lunch Report

Our first Utah Artist Lunch was muy beuno! Thanks to everybody who came. It was fun to see old friends and to meet new people. I mean, in person and not just online. Fun was had. Food was eaten. Here's who came: Lael Henderson, Samantha (my daughter, and a very fine artist herself), Me, Mike Hoopes, Rob James, Aaron Anderson, Dillion Thompson, Shane Lewis, Joe Olsen and last but not least, Mel Milton. A very fine group of artists.

A few highlights:
Mel tells a funny story.

Everybody laughs.

Joe show off muscles during feats of strength.

If you couldn't make it this time and you feel like a loser, we will be doing the Artist Lunch thing again sometime soon. We will keep you posted.


Julie Olson said...

I was so bummed I couldn't come. It would've given your daughter another girl to hang out with. NEXT TIME!!!

Unknown said...

Was awesome seeing you again guy! Definately appreciate you puttin this together and hope to make it habit of seein ya. You rock and roll

S.T. Lewis said...

That picture of me drinking is fabulous! I'm not sure what was in that cup, but it appears to have been heavily laced with alcohol. Poor me. Lunch was great... good to see everyone. I'll be at the next one too. Thanks for putting that together, Guy... good thinkin'!

Joe said...

Good Times! I really like the picture of me that was taken right before my muscles ripped my shirt off. Arrgggg!!! Can't wait to do the artist lunch thing again.

Martin Wittig said...

Haaaha Looks like a great Time!! I have never seen a real picture of you and mel yet, that was cool too.Great work also on yer blog,..sorry that I havent been around in awhile. I've been so damn busy,but i will be back soon!:)

Unknown said...

dude this lunch was such a great time, i loved it let me know when you do the next one!!