Thursday, June 25, 2009

P is for Present!

My best friend is a graphic designer living in Sydney Australia. He often calls me to help brainstorm ideas for whatever project he might be working on. The other day he was working on some Christmas stuff and asked me to draw him a koala. I wasn't in the mood and didn't really have time, so this is what I sent him. We are talking to each other online so this was extremely quick. Anyway, later that day he sends me the fished product. I was amazed he was able to pull that out of my sketch. A bit disappointed that he didn't follow it closer. I your not even going to use my idea, why even ask? He also asked me for a quick sketch of his coworker who likes pirates. The sketch was done before they made up their mind. I wonder what it'll look like finished.


Amy said...

I thought I was your best friend.

Unknown said...

nothin more entertaining than animals gone wild

although pirate ninjas with dual peglegs and throwing stars is a subject that I would like to delve into some..

joe said...

Hahaha I love it. This reminds me of a little sketch I did in church, but of a grizzly... into a river... with people swimming in it.

kopi said...

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