Saturday, July 18, 2009

Road trip to ALA

I drove to Chicago for the ALA (American Librarian Association) conference with the fabulous author, Rick Walton, and the amazing illustrator Will Terry.

We drove for a very long time.

And ate very good food on the way.

On the first night we stayed with our good friends Eric Rohman and Candace Fleming.

Eric even let me hold his Caldcott shaped hunk of metal. Cool.

At the conference we met up with my friend and local Chicago artist, Stacy Curtis. Very funny guy.

Met some cool people.

Loren Long

Kadir Nelson and one of my excellent editors, Stephanie Lurie. (Hyperion)

Donna Bray, another one of my wonderful editors. (Balzer & Bray)

My friend Laura Vaccaro Seeger.

Lane Smith liked my book. What a nice guy.

Will Terry signing books.

Will next to some sleeping girl at the park.

Tried to find Oprah, but she totally avoided us. So typical of her.

Stacy. Not pulling a face, this is how he always looked. Can you see why people didn't want to talk with us?

Stacy with Chicago garbage. We can't take him anywhere.

Beth Krommes and Neil Gaiman, right after receiving the 2009 Caldcott and Newbery awards.

More great food.

We wore Will out.

Overall, it was a great trip. Lots of fun.


adam taylor said...

Dude, Guy, that is the coolest trip ever. Erin and I are just saying how cool that would be. Sounds like you had a blast. Awesome!

J Rock said...

I'm totally jealous you got to meet Neil Gaiman. My boss also got to go to the ALA conference, but I don't think he met Neil Gaiman, so your trip is automatically cooler.


What Guy? You didn't invite me? Well I wouldn't have invited me either.

I hope the conference was wonderful for you all and that you see the fruits soon.

Blessings. said...

You guys are the coolest. Seriously, seriously. Looks like a fun trip! I'm totally jealous!

Neil Hughes said...

Hey this was a perfect way to see what you guys did. I was wondering how it went. Very cool and exhausting.

Scott said...
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