Saturday, January 02, 2010


Wow! It's Palindrome Day! 01/02/2010. This happens, like once in...ever!

Since So Cat Tacos? is also a palindrome, I thought it would be appropriate to celebrate. I don't have anything new to post--I've been super busy--so in honor of Palindrome Day, I will post my first So Cat Tacos? banner. I even put it in a fancy gold frame to commemorate this momentous occasion. And now I am going out to eat some tacos. Sans cats, hopefully.

So Cat Taco Stats:

Active since: 5/26/05 (NOT a palindrome)
Posts: 325
Visitors: 52,301 (not counting 2005)
Countries: 138

Thank you all for coming to visit. I appreciate your comments. I will try to post more this year, however, this is not a new year's resolution, because then it would not get done.

Feel free to comment with your favorite palindrome. There are some goodies out there.

Happy 2010...0102 yappH


Caitlin said...

My brother's favorite has always been:

Nate bit a Tibetan.

David K Small, artist said...

Oh I love cats, but I just can't eat a whole one by myself :-)

Anonymous said...

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