Friday, May 28, 2010

Banjo Pig 5

Ah, the fun never stops. I gotta say, Stacy is putting up a good fight. Well, keep em coming Banjo Boy.

Check out my main pig nemesis:
Stacy Curtis Pig count: 4

There are a bunch of other folks who joined the dueling too. Check them out. Great stuff!
Jack Foster (2)
Bob Nelson
Greg Wallace
Jeff Overturf

If you've drawn one too, let me know and I'll add it to the list.


MrBibleHead said...

Hey Guy... Every time I get my pig up... I stop by and you're ahead of me with another one. This one is great! My fave so far. Great expressions, poses and color. Very cool!

Sam Reed said...

I gave it a try.

Unknown said...

Hey Guy, here's another one for you. Now throw me a bone and link into my blog too.

Unknown said...

Just wanted to thank you and Stacy for starting this hoedown. I haven't drawn anything just for fun in quite a while. Oh yeah, check out Boss Hog at

Julissa Mora said...

Hi Guy - I heard about your banjo dueling over at Jannie Ho's blog! It been fun looking at what everyone's done.

I love this one!