Thursday, June 17, 2010

Banjo Pig 11,12

I've spent a few days out of the studio while attending a writing and illustrating conference so, I took my Banjo Pigs on the road. I only found time to do a couple sketches though. I did, however, draw a bunch of ideas for more. Now I just need some spare time to draw them up right. Keep pickin' and drawin'

Stacy Curtis(22 pigs)1 NEW Looks like I have some catching up to do.

Jack Foster (3 pigs)
Bob Nelson (3 pigs)
Greg Wallace (3 pigs)
Jeff Overturf (3 pigs)
Sam Reed (1 pig)
Mark Harmon (1 pig)
Greg Newbold (3 pigs)
Doug Jones(2 pig)
Sean Ashby (1 pig)
Eric Barclay (1 pig)
Shane Lewis (1 pig)
Paula J Becker (2 pigs.)
Tom Lichtenheld (1 pig)
Jannie Ho (1 pig)
Korey Scott (2 pig)
Elvia Montemayor (2 pig)
Melinda Stanley (1 pig)
Renee Kurilla NEW
Jed (my big bro.)Francis NEW

I hope I'm not forgetting anybody. Let me know if I am.


theartofpuro said...

Great sketches!

Abz said...

lol, u really got somethin goin on here eh? keep em comin!