Monday, September 26, 2005

Black n White

Just playing around with some b&w styles. Which one do you prefer?

Original sketch

Original painting

Converted to b&w

inked line with value added in Photoshop


MikeS said...

I have a preference for the original painting, Guy. I really dig the sepia feel. Did you paint that traditionally? Nice illo.


Anonymous said...

Agreed, the photoshop (however sharp) can't match the look nor the glow of the sepia and b&w - I'm leaning toward the sepia, although the black & white has it's charm.

Unknown said...

Great illustration!! Love your work in progress presentation!!

Unknown said...

I have to agree ... I like the original painting better too.

The Daily Rant said...

I like the Sepia the best. It seems like it has more depth. I love your illustrations. Coming to your site is such a fun time.

Peter Emmerich said...

Hi Guy,

I agree with everyone else that the sepia illustration has the most warmth and it makes it so appealing. I have a question though....What did you ink your lines with? Traditonally or with Adobe Streamline?


Kactiguy said...

I agree with you. I like the sepia one too. However, I guess I didn't explain myself very well. The idea was to find a style that would work well for b&w printing. So, even though the sepia one looks best, it wouldn't print that way.

Smook- I painted it with acrylic on paper.

chrisg- Thanks. The one with line could have it's place. They are both quick styles which is what I'm really looking for. I think with more time I could make the PS one look more traditional but it wouldn't really save more time.

Alina, Ranter- Thanks.

Peter- I just used a pen and a lightbox.

idobcool said...

It has to be the converted b&w painting for 1c printing. If you were printing in cmyk it would have to be the original sepia version. I am a big fan of inking but your rendering is too good. If it's going to be printed in a newspaper type publication...that's the only way I'd choose the inked version.

Steve Daye said...

The sepia one is my favorite. Great illustration, so much fun to look at!

Steve Daye said...
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Anonymous said...

I really like the sepia version too. It give it kind of an Iron Giant kind of feel, like it's from an evil genius kid movie from the 50s. It's a shame that it won't be printed that way -- no way you could do a 2 color duotone?

The converted to b&w one is the best alternative, I think.

Drazen said...

great image Guy!
I think I like the black and white [converted from the sepia best tho maybe
with a little darker line in parts of the outline [ about the best I can offer] . great robot
too, he's got personality.

Kactiguy said...

Thanks Drazen. I agree with you on the b&w. I'm working on a job that calls for a bunch of b&w illos. and I think I'm going to try out this technique. Funny thing about this robot is that I was just drawing whatever came to my mind. Now he's really growing on me.

constanthing said...

I like the sepia one best, but they're all great!