Friday, September 30, 2005

One Night in a Grave

I got permission to post this poem so I thought I'd repost the drawings to go with it. Thanks Ted.

One Night in a Grave

I had a job that kept me late
And the way back home was scary.
It skirted to the edge of town
Then through the cemetery.

It wasn’t bad, I told myself.
The path was quite well traveled.
I sang a whistled little tunes
To keep my senses raveled.

One moonless night as I rushed along
Humming a nervous tune,
I fell into a hole they’d dug
For a grave that afternoon!

I panicked at the very thought
And scrambled to get out!
But the fresh, damp earth just crumbled in;
I commenced to scream and shout!

Then reason ruled and I settled down
Resigned to bear my fate.
They’d soon be back to fill the hole.
I’d not have long to wait.

As I sat back and went to doze
And in the silence waited,
Another fellow tumbled in
And he was inebriated!

I smiled as he fussed and clawed and failed
The same as I had done.
He didn’t see me in the dark.
He thought he was all alone.

I touched his arm and softly said
“You’ll never make it buddy.”
“There’s no way out so just relax.”
“You’ll just get spent and muddy.”

But I was wrong! He gasped a breath
And shouted “Lord forbid!”
His frame uncoiled a mighty leap
And make it he truly did!

© Ted C. Hindmarsh
November, 1978


Drazen said...

haha thats great!
Great seeing the pics with the poem.

Sandra Khoo said...

Great stuff Guy!I love the illustrations onnit,really suits the mood...^^ Oh! And thanx for the link for the banner thingy,really helped me tho'I haven't decided on what to do with it yet! THANX!!!! :D

Anonymous said...

For some reason this reminds me of a poem that my grandma used to always recite:

One evening in October,
When I was far from sober,
And dragging home a load with manly pride,

My feet began to stutter
So I laid down in the gutter
And a pig came up and parked right by my side.

Then I warbled, "It’s fair weather
When good fellows get together",
Till a lady by was heard to say:

"You can tell a man who boozes
By the company he chooses!"
Then the pig got up and slowly walked away.

Ah, my grandma. What a lady!

Great Illustration! Great poem! Thanks!

Kactiguy said...

Great poem Dennis. Thanks for sharing it. And thanks for the comments.

Michelle said...

Oh, how funny! I've been looking through your blog, and love your work!