Monday, September 28, 2009


I did the sketch for this a while back and I decided to add some paint over the weekend. I thought she could some kind of spectre ghost thingie, but I don't know if that really shows. Maybe she is just some girl without pupils? I'm thinking about adding some stitches on her arms...reattached limbs kind of thing. Who knows? For now, this will have to do. Enjoy.


Abz said...

Yea, I really think that would be a good idea. She looks good though...maybe give her some stains on her clothes. ;)

keep it up!

did you check out my last post? GO! :P

Unknown said...

Lovely in a creepy sort of way!

jazzlamb said...

The face ans the dramatic whites look superb! Is all the coloring that you do by hand? What medium?

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